Hi, I’m Louisa. I make healthy, produce-driven food that’s inspired by the Silk Road and the farmer’s market. My latest cookbook is The New Persian Kitchen, a fresh take on the cooking traditions of Iran. Yup, those fruits in the picture are pomegranates.

I’m passionate about making food that’s delicious, beautiful, and good for both you and the planet. I make my living doing food-related work, including but not limited to: writing cookbooks; making cooking videos; consulting; developing recipes for magazines; and teaching people how to make healthy food. I’m continually inspired by food, and I feel lucky that I get to cook for a living!

My first cookbook, Lucid Food: Cooking for an Eco-Conscious Life is a collection of seasonal recipes and eco-friendly kitchen tips. It was a finalist for the IACP‘s best book of the year award in the “Health and Special Diet” category.

I love what I do, and I love sharing my knowledge about food with others. Learn more about the kinds of services I offer on my Services page, or to contact me about a cooking project, email me at: info [at] lucidfood [dot] com.

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, James, but I spend a lot of time in San Francisco and Los Angeles (eating). I’m originally from Philly, and I go back to cruise the Reading Terminal Market as often as possible.

Credits: My logo was illustrated by Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfast, and designed by Melissa Dean of Rodeo Dog Design. The above photo was taken at my home in Brooklyn by Sara Remington.